Haleigh Hansen

Miss Congeniality

Haleigh is very easy to get along with. She will be a friend to anyone and finds joy in serving others. She knows that anything worth doing is worth working hard for and she doesn’t shy away from new experiences. She steps up to every challenge and walks away with her head held high even if she doesn’t win or conquer. She knows she learns from experience. She’s very loyal and giving. Haleigh loves the Beatles, Llamas, and old rock and roll. She’s kind of an old soul, which makes her pretty chill. She loves to boogie board, hike, run, and stand on top of mountains. She’s hilarious, studious, very artistic, helpful, athletic, and she loves to clean!  We’re very excited to see what the future holds for Haleigh, we know she will make her mark on the world. 

Contact Michelle Hartshorn 435-669-0110

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