Leilani Koloa

1st Attendant


Leilani is often described by those around her as caring, helpful and respectful. She loves to serve others, this community and those in need. She has always had a compassionate heart and “can do” attitude. Hardworking to say the least, she always does her best work, more then asked and with a smile. She was defiantly born with music in her soul as the dance studio has become her second home. She loves to learn, teach and serve through dance. She has learned at the feet of amazing role models that you can combine your passion and service to make a difference. And with a one of a kind team of dancers they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for families in hard times. Leilani loves to hang with her family either working or just watching a movie, family time has always been important. She is a joy for a daughter and her brothers have won the lottery in the sister department. She is an outgoing, smart, super fun and an outstanding young woman who makes us proud every day. We are excited to see what this amazing young women does as she continues to grow and influence through her service.

Contact Michelle Hartshorn 435-669-0110

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