Abi Greer

2nd Attendant

Abi is the oldest of 6 children, and has always been an incredible example for her younger siblings to look up to. She has been beautiful and happy since the day she was born, always trying to make others happy as well! She loves singing, dancing, acting, and most recently has developed a love for taking photos and video clips to create amazing movies! She’s incredibly talented at many things!  In fact, her stubbornness and determination is what has led her on so many wonderful paths in her life. If she fails at something one year, she will try again the next! Being apart of the royalty was one of those things and she has enjoyed every minute of getting to know the girls and leaders involved from both years of trying out and this last year of being on the royalty. She’s been able to be so involved in the community and it’s been so fun to watch her grow and enjoy so many things she wouldn’t have done otherwise! She’s not sure yet what the future holds for her, other than she wants to travel the world! 

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